Keith Collins

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These are my latest experiments with code. See more on my devlog. If you're looking for my work samples, please see my portfolio.


mapquery - A map data storage and retrieval API.

node-botometer - Evaluates Twitter accounts to determine whether they’re bots.

pi-bots - A simple system for running Twitter bots from your Raspberry Pi.

predictive - A library for generating predictive, ebooks-esque text using word pairs.

codebreaker - A word game made in JavaScript. Race the computer to guess a four-letter word with no repeating letters. Play the game at


@actual_ransom - A bot that watches the bitcoin wallets tied to the WannaCry ransomware attack. Code available here.

@usinjuries - This bot tweets descriptions of emergency room visits from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

@abstractascii - Tries to generate ascii art by parsing and reconstructing human-made ascii art.

@the_hum_bot - Based on the World Hum Map and Database Project.